Compositing Supervisor / Flame Artist

Matt LaVoy

Born with only 3 senses, Matt LaVoy cannot smell or taste, he instead developed the sixth sense, 'a strong intuition for things'--(some say he can read minds). As San Diego native, Matt LaVoy grew up spending hot summer days indoors filming crude animations with legos and ninja turtles. Later he developed his talents at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago while simultaneously starting his career working on emmy award winning show titles at Digital Kitchen. Shortly after graduating, and getting tired of the freezing winters, he set his tracks back to sunny SoCal and landed in Los Angeles. Throughout his career, he has worked tirelessly as a freelance animator and compositor at many of the best studios in the industry. Now with over 15 years of experience, he's found a home at Gentleman Scholar. If he's not intensely brooding over python automation scripts at his desk, you can find him polyphasic sleeping in his car or wailing on his midi drums at home. He currently resides in up and coming south LA with his very large pregnant wife and their 17 yr old 3 legged dog Charles.


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