Executive Producer

Kirsten Noll

Kirsten was born and raised in the richly cultured state of New Jersey. After excelling in intramural basketball and obtaining her BFA in Animation and Motion Graphics, she decided to pursue her dreams of working with endangered unicorns in Papua New Guinea. Kirsten spent years dedicated to unicorn research until the day she realized what science had suspected all along: unicorns don’t exist. After this discovery, a true breakthrough, she moved back to the states and onto her next endeavor, conquering the world of entertainment. Relocating to sunny Los Angeles, Kirsten worked her way up to her current role as Senior Producer at Gentleman Scholar. In addition to her own career goals, Kirsten dedicates her spare time to being a stage mom and manager to her extremely fluffy cat, Squirrel, who is currently pursuing her own feline dreams of starring in pet food commercials.


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