Head of Technology

Anthony Pangan

As a young child, Anthony Pangan had an electric affinity and aptitude for sports; baseball, basketball, football, hockey, you name it. Destined for the hall of fame in the MLB, NBA, NFL, and NHL, fate gave him a swift and hefty kick in the balls when his height peaked at a mere 5 feet and 8 inches. With his sporting days behind him, Anthony looked towards academia for solace and attended UCLA. During this time he joined a hip hop dance team and thought the arts would be his gift to the world. After a few television and internet appearances, he knew this road had ended when a role as backup dancer for the Pussy Cat Dolls fell through on account of their untimely breakup. In spite of this latest setback, he earned his degree in Materials Science and Engineering and looked to take the space technology world by storm. In the midst of interviews with the nation’s top technology companies, Anthony made a pitstop in the land of Post-Production/Animation/VFX and took a junior position at Psyop and Massmarket. After a few years in Venice, he was lured in by the laid back attitudes and fully stocked beer fridge at Gentleman Scholar, where he happily and proudly makes his home as Systems Engineer. Here he ensures the operation and well being of all systems, and strives to keep the company on the leading edge of technology.


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