'Coloring Without Borders'

Families Belong Together

When approached with the opportunity to take part in the Coloring Without Borders project, we couldn't have been more honored to lend our creative juices to such a meaningful initiative.

Comprised of artwork from over 80 artists across the globe, Gentleman Scholar's own Cristina Barna, Ana Chang and Trish Janovic tapped into their inner-child to craft the heartwarming pages that make up this interactive coloring book. 

"It was an honor to get to work on a project that addressed an issue of our time. Collaborating with amazingly talented artists to come together and help children and their families, felt like being part of a world-wide team with a unique goal."


- Cristina Barna, art director

"Coloring Without Borders holds such an important message in its concept: it provides a space - literally - for children and artists to transform what is in front of them into something new."


- Ana Chang, designer/animator

"I thought this project was a really beautiful idea. I love kids, and so getting to inspire their imaginations in really tough times is really rewarding."



- Trish Janovic, senior designer

Families Belong Together is made up of 250 organizations that all strive to achieve one big idea: End family separation and reunite children with their parents.


To support the cause, check out the Coloring Without Borders coloring book and find out more on how you can take part today! 

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