February 3, 2017

G S. Digital Arts. Design 2017 Q / A.

Some of Scholar's finest had the chance to share their thoughts on design in the new year with Digital Arts.


What changes would you like to see happen in 2017?

“I would like to see a more diverse and present community. I feel like in the past few years the creative industry has gotten exponentially better in the representation of other cultures and paths of life, but there's still more to be done. I would also love to see stronger networking between artists of different fields and the introduction of cross-media events."

Cristina Barna, art director, Gentleman Scholar NYC

And what changes would you be most disappointed by?
"This has been a growing issue for some time, but there is a lack of consideration for how long it takes to create a beautiful idea. I have never worked on so many time-strapped advertising pitches before. As an artist, it's hard to feel fulfilled when you are given sometimes as little as a few hours to create an expectation of stunning work."

Michael Tavarez, art director, Gentleman Scholar LA

What from 2016 would you most like to see the back of?
“I have already witnessed some project pitches that are changing their appearance and method to fit the political atmosphere. My hope would be that the industry continues to build on the premise of pushing our innate need for visual communication rather than focusing on short-term sentiments.”

Michael Tavarez, art director, Gentleman Scholar LA

How will your work be different in form and function?
“We will continue to push and redefine the boundaries of our medium finding new and inventive ways to portray a story or concept. Our approach to storytelling will expand beyond a traditional 1080 frame into the space of VR, AR and 360 video. This opens a new door of storytelling in which the "end" is less definitive. Becoming comfortable with letting go of the wheel and allowing a user to define their own story will be a big challenge this upcoming year.”

Chris Finn - art director, Gentleman Scholar LA

What will be the biggest external influences on your work/practice in 2017?

“The economy at the end of 2016 felt like it was finally healthy again. This meant we were being asked to participate in more projects, but because confidence was high, many creative briefs seemed to skew a bit more risky than we had seen in years previously. To be clear, we mean risky as a good thing, creatively! They were skewed to be more playful, experimental, or edgy - not leaning as "safe" as years past... and really felt like briefs we were hungry to dive into."

JP Rooney, associate creative director, Gentleman Scholar NY

What will be the key skills or knowledge that you'd like to learn in 2017?

“How to better connect with an audience. How to engage people from across the globe despite being who I am and coming from the singular place that I've lived my life. I want to work toward creating more meaningful, impactful work.”

Macauley Johnson, art director, Gentleman Scholar LA


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