March 8th, 2017

International Women's Day & Promoting Diversity

Good Wednesday morning friends – and happy International Women’s Day to each of you. In honor of the day, Digital Arts has just published this story regarding diversity in the creative industry, which features input from our very own Christina Roldan. See below for the full discussion with Christina.

Full Q&A with Christina Roldan for Digital Arts Magazine Diversity Feature Story

1.      What is your main concern with diversity in the creative industries?

I think the main issue within any industry that lacks diversity is the stagnation that ultimately results. Nothing new or good has ever come from thinking in a straight line. The creative industry makes huge leaps when its teams are cross-pollinated with people who are different from each other. Also, I think it makes working in the creative industry more interesting. Constantly questioning the status quo is a good thing for this industry and for people in general. Without challenge there is no change, and without change the world cannot improve.

2.      What improvements with diversity would you like to see happen this year at Gentleman Scholar?

At Gentleman Scholar we embrace diversity in all its forms and we are excited about the new crop of students coming up and out of colleges this year. We have widened our search for talent in hopes of finding bright and hungry people to join our teams. With this approach we hope to attract a diverse group of applicants. Since opening our New York office last year, we've started recruiting at more schools and that has brought a bunch of talented folks to us. But I should also point out that we review each and every resume that comes through - so if there are folks who have taken less traditional paths, they are always welcome to reach out to us as well.

3.      What have you learned from initial steps to bring about diversity?

It's fun! We have had such a great time building our team. We love and respect all of them so much it has been a pleasure to watch them all grow and change and challenge each other. Diversity is an interesting conversation to have when you're talking about building a team, because ultimately you are constructing the foundation of people's livelihoods and that is a big responsibility - creating an environment that is creative, safe, non-judgmental and fulfilling at the same time. We love it.

4.      How many women are in leadership roles at Gentleman Scholar?

At Gentleman Scholar we have all women in our Executive Producer and Head of Production roles. We would love to continue to have more diversity across our creative and production departments - balance is a good thing. We have female art directors and designers at the moment and will look to embrace killer female senior creatives as the company continues to grow and take on more senior people.

5.      Who has the most power to bring about more diversity within the company? 

Honestly, the applicants. We want to continue to build the most talented and amazing team possible, so if you are down for a challenge and ready to make amazing work we would love to have you. At Gentleman Scholar it is about the team and the work, nothing else matters. 

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