'Design Your World'


Recent, Animation

Directing a documentary short in an animated world is something we’ve always found inspiring, so when our associate creative director, JP Rooney, decided to take it on we were all about it!

‘Design Your World’ is an animated documentary that features a "day in the life" of textile designer, soloprenuer, and digital marketer, Sarah Gibson, who sells her creations on Etsy. By creating a minimally art directed world for Sarah to exist in we’ve allowed for her unique creations to stand out and (hopefully) open our viewers’ imaginations to endless possibilities.


Story, Concept, Design and Animation: John-Patrick Rooney

Thoughts & Technique

The highlight of this project was the design and development phase. There was a lot of experimenting when mixing illustrated 3D and 2D characters together. The environment was modeled in Maya and the character was created in AfterEffects and Photoshop. The idea of "contrast" served as a home base for the design choices. This can be seen in the contrast of the color palette; mixing of the cool soft grey environmental colors against vibrant warm tones in the character, also in the concrete studio vs soft materials like fabric and wood. To make the design pop we relied again on contrasting elements, positioning an ultra-flat and 2D character against a textured 3D environment with soft camera effects and depth of field juxtaposed against a hand-drawn look.

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