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When Google approached us to help craft an animation for the YouTube Accelerator device, we leaped at the opportunity. At GS, we knew that in order to get the message across, we needed to provide just the right amount of charm and personality, seamlessly mixing this with a design aesthetic that felt mature, fresh, and ownable. From the beginning, the scripts had funny moments that immediately got our minds racing on how to animate this spot with a subtle sense of humor. Of course, we’d have to design all the fun characters first, which turned out to be one of the highlights of the project. To give each graphically defined head, swoop of hair, and smiling face their own individual personalities, we added extra details to their outfit, their expression, or maybe even their huge muscles. In the end, we love how this animation is both informative and also allows a little room for some fun.


Production Company: Gentleman Scholar
Creative Directors: William Campbell & Will Johnson
Executive Producer: Christina Roldan
Head of Production: Rachel Kaminek
Senior Producer: Stephanie Katritos Associate Creative Director: JP Rooney
Designers: Alex Mapar, JP Rooney, Oliver Dead, Aaron Kemnitzer, Abigail Goh
Animators: Aaron Kemnitzer, Oliver Dead, Alex Mapar, Matt Choi, JP Rooney, Dennis Go, Corey Langelotti Music: “I Don’t Care”
Music Producer: AMP Music
MIX: Explosion Robinson
Sound Designer: Explosion Robinson

'Who says we can't absorb information in a fun and interesting way? We had as much fun as it looks to create this universe for Google 'Accelerator.'

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