'Meetings Imagined'

We are huge fans of different uses of multimedia. When we get a chance to pair papercraft and live-action with cell animation and CG, we are happy campers. In this spot for Marriott, we flexed all of our creative muscles and helped create a clever journey through the way the meeting place has evolved. Hope you enjoy.


  • Production Company: Gentleman Scholar
    Creative Directors: William Campbell & Will Johnson
    Executive Producer/Head of Production: Rachel Kaminek
    Associate Creative Director: JP Rooney
    Producer: Nikki Maniolas
    Designers: Trevor Conrad, Sarah Beth Hulver
    Paper Craft Artists: Tommy Perez, Gautam Dutta
    2D & Cel Animation: Harry Teitelman
    3D Animation: Tim Hayward, Michael Tavarez, Matt Connolly, Ben Grangereau
    Lighting/Look Development: Ovi Bogdan
    Compositing: Scott Crawford, Romel Pablo, Soyoun Lee
  • Agency: Team One
  • Music Company: HiFi Project

“There is an inspiration in building something with your hands. Delicately cutting, folding, and gluing the props together infused the project with another level of creativity.”

Collaborators by Design