We were drawn to Aston Martin due to the curves and power of their vehicles, but also because we wanted to prove that a luxury car spot could be achieved mainly with CG. We grabbed our conceptual hats and dove headfirst. We ran the gamut from stunning visual-effects, heavy explosions and morphing buildings, to simple dry salt lake beds and artistically lit cityscapes, while trying to find the right voice. We finally landed somewhere between complete photo reality and heavy stylization…which proved to be appropriate for our overall concept of: What does a car dream about?


Production Co / VFX: Gentleman Scholar
Directors: Will Johnson, William Campbell & Charles Paek
Producers: Rachel Kaminek
Executive Producer: Rob Sanborn
Executive Producer: David Brixton / The Whitehouse
Executive Producer: Rick Lawley / The Whitehouse
Visual Effects Supervisor: Charles Paek
3D Lead: Errol Laniér, Neil Teneja, Jon Bavaresco
3D Artist: Tucker Corson, Ian Mankowski, Yates Holley
3D Pipeline: Yates Holley
Compositor: Carlos Morales, Michael Miller, Matt Lavoy
Matte Painter: Christian Kugler
Editor: Josh Bodnar / The Whitehouse
Flame: Kieran Walsh / Carbon VFX
Sound Mix: William Flynn & Gus Koven / Stimmüng, Joel Waters / Lime Studios, Justin Braegelmann